Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reusing hexie papers and white green and more white

Thank you for all the nice comments about my flowers!  I am really happy I pulled this one back out of storage to work on.  the break was good though as I am rejuvenated.

Knowing that I have lots and lots of white to do, last night I started cutting. I think I cut enough white hexies for about 6 more flowers.  But, I don't have enough hex papers for that many, so I really will need to start working on putting some of the flowers together so I can reuse the papers that come out after they are joined.  I find that I can reuse the hex papers about 4-5 times before the edges start to lose the crispness needed.

What about you, do you reuse your papers?

1 comment:

Joke said...

Yes, I also do reuse my papers. Have always done so and see no reason why I shouldn't...