Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy weekend

It was a very busy weekend. On Saturday, my nephew had his 4th birthday party. The kids had a great time, it was cold and rainy but it never stopped the little ones. The joy they all had was expressed in each movement and puddle jump, but not shared by all the adults who were cold and wet and huddled up under the awning.  When did our joy go?  I remember playing in the rain as a child. Where does that abandon go?  The kids were a joy to watch, and the smiles never stopped.

I spent part of the time at the party observing nature.  There is a cardinal couple nesting low enough in my brothers lilac bush that an adult can see into the nest, well assuming you are taller than me at 5'3".   I watched both the momma and poppa bird flitting in and out and taking care of those babies.  Unfortunately, the nest is open to the elements, and poor momma bird was soaking wet. But she was pretty good about staying and covering those little ones.  I wish we would get some better weather for her though, as it will be hard for her to keep those little ones warm and dry, I am afraid.

Yesterday was a dog show, but in the evening when I got home I was able to go check out the garden.  The weather has been so wet that I havent really even gone down to the corner to check on it all last week.  I was amazed at how much change the week had brought!  Lots of growth, but not nearly the weeds I was afraid of.  A little hoeing and it looked much better.  Hopefully we will get a good crop of summer vegies this year.  I will try to get some photos if we ever get any sun again!

A little bit of piecing last night on the flowers.  I am a slow hand worker, but I guess its not a race!  Photos of that will come on Wednesday.  Enough of an update for today.

Peace to you.

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