Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to the Garden

Its been a busy couple of weeks with dog shows, so other household stuff has taken a back seat.  This week I am focusing on catching up with the garden, it has become a bit weedy in places.  All the heat and rain is helping the garden grow beautifully, but also those pesky weeds.  My garden is not huge, living in the middle of a city, I have a space at the community garden.   Its not big, but I pack stuff into it pretty weel.  This year I planted more tomatoes than before and wow, do I have tomatoes!  I wont have enough at any one time to can large volumes, but I do have enough to do a can here and a can there.  As well as to eat right now! I am hoping to can my first ones tonightt, but it will depend on the heat index. A hot water canning process in a house with no air when its already 90 and humid is not necessarily the best idea!

However, as busy as I have been, I was able to get the white around 2 flowers this week, so I feel like I made up for the last week.