Friday, September 24, 2010

Sorry been MIA

Although I havent been quilting, I have been busy, canning and freezing and cooking.  I love fall, but it does get busy.

I work full time, so have only a few hours each evening to do my fun activities.  But I have managed to get a bit accomplished.  Since my last post I have frozen corn off the cob, and several quarts of creamed corn too. Green beans, herbs and zuchinni in the freezer, and dehydrating. More tomatoes canned, including a batch of tomato tang, which is a spicy catsup like condiment.  This week we have started on apples, canned slices, sauce, wedges, jelly and also dehydrated rings. Oh, and Davids favorite, Grapplesauce.  Might need to do one or 2 more batches of that if I can get more grapes.

But I did get my package of fabric off to my brown bag quilt exchange partner.  I hope she doesnt hate the fabrics I chose for her!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Canning this weekend

Go to the dog blog to see the total counts for the weekend, but here is the photo.