Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turning the heel

I guess it was a couple of years back now (wow time flies) but a while ago I decided it was time to learn to knit.  So I did. I knit a sweater from my granddaughter, some hats for the family and a few other simple items.  Then I decided to knit a vest for myself - done not perfect but a success.

But then it was time to try a sock. Started out great, knit the first leg of sock 1. Oh time to do the heel. HMM, Maybe instead I will knit the top of sock two, great, but now Ihave 2 socks needing a heel.  Well, maybe its time to put that away for the summer after all have gardening to do no time to knit. Honestly reading the directions for the heel confused me. Scared me. Easier to just put the whole darn thing away.

This weekend I decided I wasnt going to let the sock win.  I went and picked up sone heavier yarn, and some larger DPNs. I thought maybe if I worked with something a bit more substantial, I would be able to see it better. Found a different pattern for an anklet in a worsted weight and cast on. Knit the ribbing, moved on to the heel   Read the pattern over and over, got on line found a sock site and looked at pictures. Re-read the directions and picked up my knitting. Turned the heel woohoo, created the gussett BIG WOOHOO and now I just need time to knit the foot.  It wasnt really that hard once I figured out and understood the terms, once I learned a little bit how to manage all those needles.   I am rather proud of my little socklet.

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