Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Garden

Well one thing about the combination of rain and hot sunny days, my garden has gone wild.  The zuchinni  in the foreground are waist high.  (Sunday night I found 3 club sized zuchini, i do not understand how they hid so well when they are small, but from what i have read, I am not the only one who finds monsters from time to time!)
The tomatoes in the next patch back are chest up to nose high on me.  I am short, 5'3" but that makes my tomato plants almost 5 feet tall. And though you probably cant see it in the picture, they are loaded with small green fruit.
The Peas are about done, the heat is not their friend, but the green beans are starting to flower. I love fresh from the garden food.


ga.farmwoman said...

Your plants are looking so lush and green. Mine are starting to turn brown and parch under this 100+ degree weather we keep having here.

I agree, fresh garden vegetables are the best.
Have a great day.

Rose sterling said...

I totally agree that fresh vegetables are really th best! I love your veggies! They are really healthy in the photos. I just harvested monster of zuchinni last week. Happy to know that I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing.

crystal blue said...

I also agree that fresh veggies is the best especially for veggie salad! Your garden is looking great while my garden is still surviving the heat of the summer. I jut hope that before they die I can harvest some on what they produce.